Marketing & Communications Consultant (2016-2017)

School facts

  • Kenosha, WI
  • Founded in 1837
  • 3,000 undergraduate + graduate students
  • Private liberal arts and sciences college


Carthage College, on the shore of Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is home to 2,600 full-time undergraduate students and 400 graduate students. Carthage needed proactive crisis communication planning, and the college’s VP of Communication reached out to me for my extensive experience in the field.


I developed a template and worked with the Office of Communications, as well as key partners across campus, to develop and complete a comprehensive crisis communication plan and standard operating procedures. These focused on how the college would communicate with each of their key constituencies during any level of issue or crisis involving the campus community. I also provided training for the documentation and key technology systems that would be used, and developed a schedule for regular reviews and updates.


Rachel Reuben is an invaluable partner and resource to any organization. She has deep knowledge and expertise across a myriad of marketing topics and strategies and is able to translate her contributions into effective action. Most recently, she worked with my team to identify necessary improvements to our crisis communication plan. She was extremely organized and detail-oriented, resulting in comprehensive documentation and enhanced emergency preparedness across campus. The quality of her work reflects her diverse higher education experience and her ability to see the big picture on any project.

-Molly Polk, Former VP of Communication at Carthage, now VP of Marketing & Enrollment at the University of Hartford