Marketing Consultant (2017-2018)

School facts

  • New York, NY
  • Founded in 1887
  • 5,000+ graduate students
  • Largest graduate school of education in the United States


Teachers College, Columbia University (TC), is a comprehensive graduate school with a focus on education, health, psychology and leadership. During a vacancy for a senior marketing position, they needed boots-on-the-ground marketing support, including development and execution of marketing plans for new programs recently approved by the Office of Digital Learning and New York State’s Department of Education.


I provided a range of ongoing marketing support over seven months, including regular site visits for key meetings. I developed Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad copy and creative assets for new program advertisements, and led the development and implementation of marketing plans for several new online advanced certificate programs.

I developed a workflow and marketing intake process to help the enrollment marketing team streamline their work and make their efforts more efficient. I also oversaw the process of selecting a new media buying strategic partner by vetting nearly 20 agencies, writing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and evaluating all responses.

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